Start with Tonic, our invigorating prestyler, to nourish your scalp and locks. Add volume and body with Clay Spray. Then choose your hold and sculpt hair with either Clay or Matte Pomade or create a laid-back look with Perfect Cream. No matter the combination, there’s no wrong way to style.


Matte Pomade- All-day style
Clay Pomade - Grit and hold
Tonic Spray - Scalp health
Clay Spray - Volume and waves
Perfect Cream - Moldable style


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  • Rudy's
    Styling Starter Kit

    To create your signature look, you need the right tools. Rudy’s Styling Starter Pack has you covered from beginning to end and lets you try out what product is best for you with convenient, travel-ready sizes of our five top-rated grooming essentials: Matte Pomade, Clay Pomade, Clay Spray, Tonic Spray, and Perfect Cream.

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