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In 1993, we opened our first shop in the grungy heart of Seattle driven by a simple idea: create a place where all of our friends could hang out and leave feeling better than when they arrive. We didn’t know we’d end up setting a new standard for hair. Hell, we didn’t even know we’d make it past our first month.

Our take on the modern barbershop caught on, and Rudy’s started to grow. Along the way we sold tickets for some well-known local bands, tattooed customers, made art with people we liked, created our own line of product, and cut a lot of heads.

The decades have passed quickly, and a lot has changed, but we’re still the same Rudy’s - always engaging, a little different, and a comfortable place you know and love. For a quarter of a century we’ve been more than just a barbershop, and that’s worth celebrating.

Rudy’s. The original since ’93.

How it all began

1993: Jurassic Park hits the big screen, In Utero is topping the charts, and three friends open Rudy’s Barbershop in Seattle offering three things: Mohawks, buzz cuts, and tattoos. Unsure of what to call it, they settled on Rudy’s after a local graffiti artist tagged it on the wall of our first shop. Though we’ve grown up a little, this carefree attitude still rings true.


“It’s never just been about the hair.”

While we’re damn good at cutting heads and making products you love, Rudy’s has influenced its fair share of culture too. From discovering emerging artists to creating inspiring spaces, we’ve always been a spot where people can relax and feel stimulated.


With 27 shops across the country, Rudy’s is conveniently located in the neighborhoods you call home. Since day one, we’ve created a space where people from all walks of life can come to look and feel good. True to our ‘For Everybody’ roots, Rudy’s is a longtime ally of the LGBTQ community, working with partners like the LA LGBTQ Center and the It Gets Better Project.


With over 600 expert stylists and barbers across the country, we’ve cut and styled millions of heads. I guess you could say we know a thing or two about what makes a great head of hair. With our own award-winning line of hair and body products, you never have to be without Rudy’s perfectly uncomplicated approach to style.

A Community You Can Count On

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