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medium hold

touchable style

adds texture

Styling tips

Get a polished coif you can touch or the blowout of your dreams.
Read our styling guide to find out how.


Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturizes and hydrates hair
Beeswax smooths hair and seals in moisture

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  • Rudy's
    Travel Perfect Cream

    Feel like you’ve got everything under control—even when you don’t—with this medium-weight styler. Perfect Cream gives you flexible control, so you can still run your hands through your hair without causing flyaways or frizz. Our formula creates definition, enhancing your natural texture or curl, without weighing down your strands or casing locks in product that leave them dull and lifeless. 1 oz.

    Sulfate and paraben free. All Rudy’s products are never tested on animals, Leaping Bunny certified, and made in the USA utilizing green facilities and technologies.

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