60 Hour Candle
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    60 Hour Candle

    Burn baby burn. Custom Palo Santo fragrance with notes of moro, rockrose, and cedar. 60-hour burn time. 7oz.

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    Our 60-hour candle is made exclusively by Joya Studios for Rudy’s. Made from an eco-friendly blend of natural beeswax and soy wax with a calming Palo Santo fragrance. 7oz.

  • It's not Rocket Science

    how to use

    Meant to be enjoyed not just sit on a shelf. After all, everything looks better bathed in candlelight.

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    Hand-poured in New York City by Joya exclusively for Rudy's Barbershop. Soy wax blend.

Made in New York City
Joya has designed and produced distinctive scented artifacts with an ethos of balance and beauty.


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