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Interested in carrying Rudy's? 

For 25 years, Rudy’s has pioneered the modern barbershop movement and been a leader in styling and cutting hair for people from all walks of life. We’ve taken that same expertise and ungendered approach to create an award-winning line of hair and body essentials.

Every product is made in the USA at thoughtfully selected green facilities with only the best, sustainably sourced ingredients, and then rigorously tested by our team of over 600 experienced barbers and stylists. We ensure that everything we make is never tested on animals, Leaping Bunny certified, and free of parabens. So, when we say we're clean, we mean it.

Now that we've done the hard work, all that's left for you to do is look and feel good.


These are the products that started it all. Our best-selling 1-2-3 bundle makes showering as easy as….well, you get it. Our trio of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash feature our signature fragrance with bright accents of orange zest, balsam, cedar, and clove. Pair them with our stylish shower caddy, designed by Eric Trine, for the ultimate Rudy's experience.

"The company is bringing some much-needed inclusion to the hygiene and beauty industry by expanding from fresh fades at the shop to impressive hair and body products that are equally appealing to men and women." —Business Insider

Styling Products

To create your signature look, you need the right tools. Our styling assortment has you covered from start to finish with invigorating prestylers, volume-boosting sprays, texturizing pomades, and smoothing creams. No matter the combination, there's no wrong way to style with Rudy's.

"In the same way they brought a thoughtful refresh to the barbershop concept, the folks at Rudy’s have done the same for hair products." —Cool Hunting

Body Bars

Our cleansers moisturize, exfoliate, and detoxify skin, all in a handy bar form. We’ve created four versions that meet all skin needs: Exfoliating bar with natural sea salt, moisturizing bar with coconut oil and shea butter, an unscented detoxifying bar with activated charcoal, and our Palo Santo detoxifying bar.

"Rudy’s, a Seattle-based brand known as a pioneer of the modern barbershop trend, has introduced a magnificently simple grooming system." —Gear Patrol

Shower Bombs

Clear up congestion, destress from a long day at the office, or just get a little buzzed off mother nature - our little bombs help you do it all. Each is handmade in Colorado using a blend of essential oils so you get the benefits of aromatherapy without needing the knowledge (or leather apron) of an apothecary. Since we skip the cheap synthetic fragrances, each shower bomb is actually as good at it smells.


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