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Tonic Spray: Nourish From Scalp To Strand 


Sometimes you wake up...but your hair doesn’t. When that happens, give it a kick in the ass with Rudy’s Tonic Spray. Like a cup of coffee or an outfit change, this refresher gives your style a pick-me-up anytime, anywhere. That means no more sticking your head under the faucet and leaving puddles on the bathroom floor.

If Tonic’s cooling tingle or stimulating scent seem familiar, it’s because this spray is a staple of every cut at Rudy’s. Since the formula is lighter than water it doesn’t weigh down strands, quickly hydrates, and balances pH levels—making it an ideal cutting and styling aid.

Looking good starts at the root

Tonic is like a multi-vitamin for your head, nourishing from scalp to strand. Our formula is rich in essential oils and extracts that hydrate, calm, and invigorate with our signature fragrance accented by notes of peppermint and tea tree oil. Nettle extract works at the scalp to tone, prevent dry scalp, and soothe. While Baobab seed protein repairs damage and Pro-Vitamin B5 gives longer, parched locks the moisture and frizz control they crave.

Refresh, Revitalize, Reinvigorate

A modern take on the elixirs of old-school barbershops and apothecaries, Tonic is a true cure-all for common hair woes—minus the snake oil. Add it to your daily routine to condition and protect hair from damage before styling, or revive your look by reactivating any styling products that have lost their life.

Get Blissed

With Rudy’s Tonic, there’s no such thing as too much. That’s why our bottles are outfitted with a Bliss Mist nozzle that delivers an enveloping mist with every pump. Keep itchy, dry scalp at bay by generously spritzing onto problem-prone areas like the crown and nape of the neck. Continue down your strands, spraying and working Tonic into each section until your ends are hydrated.

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