Three Pomade Styles That Will
Impress At Any Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again when calendars get full, diets go unchecked, and you surprise your friends by being able to rap all the words to “Christmas in Hollis.” But, no matter if you’re sipping spiked eggnog at an ugly sweater party or downing a martini in a suit and tie, you’ll want to make sure your hair is on point.

Luckily, Rudy’s has you covered with styling tools to bring out the best in your hair this holiday season. Let our expert stylist, Jen Bennett, guide you through three pomade styles that are easy to achieve and guaranteed to make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Perfect for a holiday party at a friend's place or a cheesy winter date at the skating rink, this polished yet casual look proves you know what you're doing when it comes to grooming. Mess it up and restyle over and over again and you'll never look like you tried too hard.

Why Matte’s perfect: This creamy paste has a flat finish and medium hold, which mean's it’s flexible enough to adapt to any occasion. No matter your hair type or length, Matte will work for you. That’s why we like to call it the Goldilocks product.


How to style with Matte:
  1. Start with damp, towel-dried hair that's about 75% dry
  2. Using your fingers, comb your hair loosely into the desired style
  3. Take a dime-size amount of Rudy’s Matte in your palms and massage the product in your hands until it's spread thin and you have an even coating on your palms and fingertips
  4. Starting at the roots, spread the pomade through to the ends of your hair
  5. Using your fingertips, concentrate the remaining product on the ends of your hair where you want the most separation


While the holidays are a relaxing time of year, they aren't without high-pressure situations in which you need a look that won't break a sweat. Whether it's proving you're worth that year-end bonus at the holiday party or meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time, texture and definition will always impress.

Why Clay’s got your back: Our thick and gritty Clay Pomade delivers high hold with no shine. It can tame coarse, stubborn hair with ease or add volume and control when you're feeling flat. This product lasts as long as you do, and at the end of the night, it washes out easily.


How to style with Clay:
  1. Begin by using a blow dryer to dry your hair into the desired style
  2. Your hair should be 100% dry when you apply the pomade to achieve the most hold
  3. Use a nickel-size amount of Rudy’s Clay and begin working the product in your hands until it looks thin 
  4. Helpful hint! If you’re having trouble spreading out the product, add a tiny bit of water to your hands while you spread product out
  5. For a lot of volume, concentrate the product at the roots by massaging the product into the scalp using your fingertips
  6. For stubborn hair, use flat hands to seal down trouble spots


Start the new year off right by adding some refinement to your usual style. Though you'll probably end up breaking your resolutions a few weeks into the new year, you can commit to looking more distinguished with added separation and sleekness.

Why you shouldn’t be scared of Shine: With a light hold and a classic gel-like texture, our Shine Pomade is nothing like those greasy, high-sheen tubs of goop you’re used to seeing. It dries with a soft, subtle finish that’s void of any dreaded flake or crunch.


How to style with Shine:
  1. For a noticeable shine, start with dry hair. If you’re timid and want a subtler shine (think satin, not glossy), start with damp hair.
  2. Using a dime-size amount, spread Rudy’s Shine through your hands until they're evenly coated
  3. With flat hands, work the product across the areas with the most definition
  4. For a classic parted look, concentrate the product on either side of the part
  5. For a slicked-back look, concentrate the product at the front hairline
  6. Finally, use your fingertips to break up the pomade where you want texture and separation
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