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Swim, Sweat, and Sun:
The Complete Guide to Summer Hair Care

If you’re not spending summer at the pool or the beach, you’re not doing it right. But beating the heat isn't all Lizzo songs and ice cold tall boys...the hotter months also mean battling humidity, sweat, and sun damage.

Here are a few quick tips from Rudy’s resident expert and educator, Jen Bennett, to keep you looking more like a mermaid and less like a puffer fish this season.

Sun Hair Care
Burn Unit

Your shoulders aren’t the only thing that can end up fried. Whether you’re freshly faded or just thinning a bit up top, don’t forget to protect your tender scalp with SPF. Use spray sunscreen to avoid messy application; Part your hair and spritz a few sections so you’re fully covered.

UVA and UVB rays can also wreak havoc on your hair by weakening the cuticle, leaving strands fragile and dry. Before you head out for a day of sunbathing, make sure you coat your locks with a product like Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer Spray for strong UV protection and extra moisture.

Swim Hair Care
Get Wet

Rinsing off before you cannonball into the deep end isn’t just good pool etiquette, it’s also the easiest way to protect your hair and skin from chlorine. Like a sponge, hair is porous, so a rinse with fresh water first will keep your strands from soaking up harsh chemicals.

Chlorine does the most damage to pre-lightened hair since strands are extra porous. To combat this, coat your locks in conditioner before going in the pool and always shampoo immediately after you get out of the water.

Ditch the Top Knot

Though you may think you’re saving yourself from hours of combing out tangles, swimming with hair in a tight ponytail or bun does more harm than good. The tension created by hair bands or bobby pins on wet hair can cause breakage.

If you have shorter hair, let it down while you swim. If you’ve got longer length, a braid can be the best solution to keep hair out of your face.

From Pool to Party

Want Baywatch waves like Pamela but don’t have time to properly style after a swim? Let your hair dry in a braid, then shake it out. Keep a travel size bottle of Clay Spray in your bag to rework your look. Massage a few pumps into your roots to activate the volume and lift, then scrunch through the mid-ends for more texture.

If you have shorter lengths, work some Soft Clay Pomade into your strands when they're 80% dry to achieve the texture and definition of Hasselhoff's hair. With the pliability of a cream and the matte finish of a clay, it gives hair workable shape that looks simultaneously lived-in and refined.

Sweat Hair Care
Soak It Up

Repeat after me: Sweaty doesn’t mean dirty. In fact, the natural oils your scalp produces can be better than conditioner. Embrace the benefits of perspiration by allowing your hair to dry and then adding a little hair powder or your favorite dry shampoo to your roots. It never hurts to have a travel size Clay Spray on hand. The kaolin clay will help to absorb an excess any additional oil or moisture at your roots while also giving you lift and volume. 

Helmet Hair

Riding your beach cruiser to the boardwalk is romantic, but sweaty helmet hair definitely isn’t. Instead of covering up with a hat after a ride, bring hair back to life by refreshing with Tonic Spray. Spritz your strands with a few pumps and massage vigorously into hair, especially your scalp, to break up anything plastered to your head. Then, work a dime sized amount of Invisible Cream into hair to tame flyaways and add a bit of shine and body without creating excess weight. For short hair, scrunch the ends of your hair to embrace the messy texture. For longer length, pull your hair to one side and throw it into a loose ponytail or braid.

Humidity Hair Care
Be Proactive

The key to winning the endless fight against humidity is stopping frizz before it starts by making some slight modifications to your hair care routine.

Prone to poofiness? Make sure you’re always wearing a shower cap before heading into the bathroom to protect against humidity. Rather than gathering your hair up, try flipping your head over and letting your locks naturally gather in the cap so you don’t bother curl patterns more than you need to.

When it comes time to drying off, opt for a soft cotton t-shirt rather than a terry cloth towel. You’ll still be able to pull moisture from your locks, but the soft texture will leave hair undisturbed.

In the bedroom, lessen the friction on your strands by covering your curls in a silk scarf when you sleep or opt for a silk pillow case.

Fight the Frizz

The swampiest months call for back-up to ward off humidity. To keep your natural curl from getting too fluffy, you’ll need to add products that repel moisture—also known as anti-humectants—to your styling rotation.

Invisible Cream is great to apply when your hair is freshly washed and still wet. If you live in an extra humid climate, consider doubling down with Perfect Cream for more separation and control, regardless if your hair is straight or curly. In between washes or whenever you need extra control use a dab of Shine Pomade to settle the flyaways that have lifted away from bonded curls.


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