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Spring Colors from Bold to Blondish

There’s no better way to leave winter behind (or make spring come sooner) than switching up your hair color. Embrace your natural tones, ditch balayage for a rich all-over color, or go with the Pantone Color of the Year. Read on for the deets.


Silver hair is still in, but this time it’s all natural. If you’ve got grays coming in, it’s time to shine. Think of them as free highlights! If you don’t want to go cold turkey on gray coverage, try gray blending first. This lessons the contrast of grays and will fade over time.


Move over balayage—babylights and full-headed blondes are taking over this year. There’s no need to get crazy with a bunch of different tones. The rich, very subtle dimension of this color trend is all about keeping controlled warmth in your strands.


When in doubt, let Pantone decide. Color your hair than Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral—this color pairs well with extremely fair, olive, or dark skin tones, or almost anyone with green eyes. Maintenance is required, so read this hair diary before you dive in. The upside? It’s a statement that makes you look effortlessly cool… after all the hours of work your stylist does to get you there—think of it as bonding time.

Long blog post short, color your hair. It's the closest you can get to reincarnation without dying.

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