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How To Create Touchable, Relaxed Structure With Soft Clay

Sometimes life hands you unexpected situations, like being chased on your walk to work or cracking your phone screen. Thankfully, you don't have to sweat the small stuff. 

With most pomade styles, you can look, but can’t touch. Soft Clay is different. The pliability of a cream meets the matte finish of a clay for a product that lets you build structure and dimension that holds all day. That means you can run your fingers through your hair without deflating your look or dealing with tacky residue. Remold it throughout the day to keep your hair at its touchable, relaxed best. 

collage of man with beachy blonde hair and Rudy's Soft Clay Pomade
GIVE hair soft STRUCTURE in 3 steps:
  • Work a dime-sized amount of Soft Clay into hands and between fingers
  • Rake hands through hair in all directions
  • Once product is evenly distributed throughout, push hair into desired shape

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