Rudy's Short-N-Sweet Seattle Summer Guide

After suffering through a winter ripped straight out of Game of Thrones, summer has finally returned to the Pacific Northwest. Folks have begun shedding their sleeves, and here at Rudy's, we’re bracing for an onslaught of buzz cuts to welcome the vitamin D. With more glorious sunny days on the horizon, we decided to throw together some of our favorite outdoor spots by our shops. Just don’t forget the SPF.

Catty-corner from our original shop on Pine St. and Rudy’s HQ, Linda’s has become the de facto watering hole for many a Rudy’s employee regardless of the season. But warmer weather means happy hours that turn into late nights on the patio out back. Be warned, the margaritas on tap can be deceivingly strong.

Being surrounded by beautiful bodies of water is one of the best parts of being in Seattle, but it can be hard to drink in that majesty when your view is blocked by throngs of iPad-wielding tourists.

Thankfully, the Olympic Sculpture Park down the street from our Belltown shop remains a sanctuary free of screaming Duck Boat passengers. Pack a tallboy, a cheap bottle of wine, and some cheese so you can picnic among the sculptures and feel cultured AF.


Trekking to West Seattle can seem like a chore, but a water taxi ride will have you on the quieter side of the city in just under 15 minutes. When you pull up to the dock, Marination is there to greet you with their delicious fusion of Hawaiian and Korean food, including Kimchi Quesadillas. Wash it all down with a boozy tropical cocktail while taking in the best view of the skyline.

Overheating happens to the best of us. When you need to cool down, head straight from our University location to Full Tilt. Between a flavor named “Subpop” and a selection of vegan recipes, ice cream doesn’t get more Seattle than this. Make no mistake, this isn’t another brightly colored froyo chain. Full Tilt lives up to its name with pinball and beer also on the menu.


PNW heaven only exists for those who are willing to work for it. That means it’s time to go hunting for one of the city’s 149 secret beaches that make Magnuson and Gas Works look like Time Square. According to The Stranger, “Wherever a public street dead-ends at water in Seattle, the space between that dead end and the water is public property.” So, get ready to navigate through thickets of brush and barbwire in search of your own private beach.

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