School Supplies: The Grooming Products
You Need to Upgrade Your Routine

No matter your age, heading back to school will always be a nostalgic time. Students both past and present know the exhilaration that comes with shopping for a pack of fresh gel pens, brightly colored binders, and a new backpack. But stocking up on school supplies doesn’t have to be limited to the aisles of Staples. Whether you’re returning to the class room or you pine for collegiate days, the back to school season is a chance to equip yourself with new essentials that will give you a fresh start to the fall. To make it even easier, Rudy’s has gathered a selection of top grooming products, desk wares, and travel items from our favorite brands.


Give Your Bathroom A Boost

If Axe and Old Spice are still in your medicine cabinet, then it’s time to take a long look in the mirror. Graduating from buying the cheapest body wash at the grocery store to investing in a more premium product is a sign of maturity on par with opening a 401k.

The 1-2-3 Bundle — Whether it’s washing away a bad hangover or getting ready for a big date, shower products do more heavy lifting than you’d imagine. With notes of citrus, cedar, and juniper, our 1—2—3 shower system will never let you down.

Baxter Shaving Cream & Baxter After Shave — By now you know that a razor doesn’t have to look like a Transformer to give you a close shave, and your shaving products don’t have to either. Ditch the over scented, strangely colored creams for products that lather nicely and leave a finish as smooth as their design.
($19 & $20,

The Shower Bomb Bundle — The perfect way to add some extra fizz and fragrance to your shower when you need a pick me up. ($10,

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste — With its throwback design and incredibly fresh flavor, there’s a reason why Marvis toothpaste has become a bathroom staple.


Draw Inspiration From Your Desk

A desk can quickly become a repository for backpack spillover, unopened bills, and that manuscript you never got around to finishing. Keep your space a place of inspiration and organization with these design essentials.

Matte, Shine, and Clay Pomade —Styling products should never be far from hand. Keep Matte, Shine, and Clay Pomades close so you can mold and shape your locks. ($22 each,

Dieter Rams: As Little Design as Possible — From the emails we write to the photos we take, it’s easy to overcomplicate. Take a page out of iconic designer Dieter Rams book and simplify. It’s inspired our design for years. ($60,

Braun BNE001BK calculator — While using the calculator on your iPhone is far easier, there’s something therapeutic about punching analog buttons. Plus, spelling about 8008135 is always a crowd pleaser. ($29,

Andrej Urem Collection Milk Candle — This candle sets the mood without even being lit. ($40,


Travel In Style

When it comes to packing, it’s fair to say that most of us subscribe to Fabolous’ cardinal rule, just throw it in the bag. While we whole heartedly endorse packing according to a rap song, what’s in the bag is much more important than how it got there.

Everlane Modern Twill Single Snap Backpack — Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you have to trade in your backpack for a briefcase. Everlane’s elevated take on a snap backpack keeps things casual enough to run errands, but cool enough to take to work. ($65,

The 1-2-3 Travel Bundle — Stop relying on cheap hotel toiletries to keep you fresh. Whether you’re at the gym or traveling for work, Rudy’s travel size keeps your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash close at hand. ($10,

Areaware Contour Key Ring — Leave the carabiners to the rock climbers and opt for this stylish take on a classic key ring. Looking like the world’s fanciest janitor is just an added bonus. ($16,

Rudy’s x Ebbett’s R Hat — We partnered with another Seattle institution, Ebbett’s Field Flannel’s to bring our signature style to their retro classics. The result is as understated as it is stylish. (special edition)


Whether you're heading back to the classroom or the office, we've got the best grooming products you need to go back in style.


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