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Rudy's Modern Pomade

Introducing Clay, Matte, and Shine.


We've condensed 25 years of styling experience into a collection of new pomades that cure the common hair woes we've heard clients complain about for years. Created by our expert stylists and barbers, these styling tools aren’t just for guys who want a perfect pompadour; they work for a variety of looks, no matter your hair or style.


Three new tools for self-expression to
bring out the best in your hair



This Goldilocks product can do it all.


Look like...your hair was effortlessly tousled.
Feel like...you're ready for anything.

Whether you're wanting polish at the office or something a bit more wild at night, our versatile matte pomade adapts and then some. Get pliable hold that doesn't feel sticky and won't flake or leave a residue on your hands.



Turn up the volume or keep it controlled. It does both.


Look like...a classic greek sculpture.
Feel like...you've taken ultimate control.

If you're the type that can't seem to find anything that works for your hair, our clay pomade is for you. Finally, you can make stubborn hair behave without yelling.



Meet the gateway drug of shine pomades. Take a hit.


Look like...you just stepped out of the shower.
Feel like...you're unstoppable.

Perfect for curly locks or classic styles, our shine pomade dries without that dreaded crunch or flake and fights wild frizz. Add a slick look to your hair with a product that won't stick to your hands and washes out with ease.


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