Rudy’s Favorite Cities Guide: Nashville

Finding your way in a new town can be daunting, especially when you’re putting down roots in a city that’s got as much cool cred as Nashville.

Thankfully, when we opened one of our newest shops blocks away from music row in Edgehill Village, we were met with a healthy dose of the city’s trademark southern hospitality. With recommendations from our friends and clients, and even unsolicited tips from strangers, we’ve discovered a few haunts where we’re quickly becoming regulars. Though we’re still breaking in our boots, that hasn’t stopped us from dining, dancing, drinking, and shopping our way through our new neighborhood—in that order.


Coolest place to be caught sipping a cocktail? Old Glory

Old Glory is breaking the mold when it comes to speakeasies. Sisters Britt and Alexis Soler have bucked the typical bespoke cocktail bar décor in favor of a raw space that feels simultaneously awe-inspiring and intimate. Thanks to visionary design work, they transformed the industrial boiler room of the White Way cleaners building into a place characterized by cozy booths, moody lighting, and a flawless playlist. Much to the chagrin of both our wallets and livers, it’s located only a few doors down from our Edgehill shop. That makes it the default watering hole for our stylists and clients alike. 


Where to indulge your inner music nerd? Grimey’s

In a city that’s entire reputation is built upon music, one shop has been recommended over and over as the best record store, and for good reason. Grimey’s carries a collection of hard-to-find vinyl pressings, CDs, and just about any other format you can imagine, including obscure PNW favorites like The Murder City Devils. But it’s not just their extensive catalog that provides such a draw. With in-store performances from some of the biggest names in indie music and beyond, it’s no wonder this place was named one of the top record stores in America by Rolling Stone.


Where to cop the most unique gifts? Wilder

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or simply treating yourself, Wilder is the place to shop. Founded by friends of Rudy’s, Josh and Ivy Elrod, this Germantown outpost offers a highly-curated selection of items that function as both art pieces and household objects. Though Josh might not be one to plug his own business, we’re happy to tout the incredible collection of goods that spans everything from furniture to lighting and even beauty products and literature. A trip through Wilder will leave you walking away with one-of-a-kind objects you never knew you needed.



Best cheap Mexican? SatCo

Ever wondered how the kids at Vanderbilt and Belmont manage to rebound from wild nights of drinking and debauchery faster than you can pop a handful of Advil? The answer is simple, a combo of youth and San Antonio Taco Company’s queso. Amid the gourmet Mexican options flooding the city, this dive remains a favorite because of its bucket of beer, saucy wings, and cheap-but-reliable TexMex. Just make sure you always refer to it by the shorthand, SatCo, or risk having your spot blown up as a tourist. We learned that the hard way.


Best make out spot? Love Circle

One of our members of Rudy’s HQ is a Nashville native and let us in on this little-known patch of grass that’s barely big enough to be called a park. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in impressive views of Nashville and beyond. Slowly wind up this quiet, residential street just off West End and you’ll be rewarded with a prime spot for getting frisky or just gazing out on the city in quiet, existential admiration.



Best place to perform drunken karaoke? Santa’s Pub

Cheap beer + karaoke + a triple wide trailer = the most fun you can have in one night. This joint—run by a by a man who looks like if Ol’ Saint Nick hitched his sleigh to a Harley instead of reindeer—is a favorite among locals and celebrities. Much like the real Kris Kringle, the pub’s iconic owner doesn’t tolerate naughty behavior. That means no drinking, smoking, or cussing when you take the stage to belt it out, otherwise you’ll get the boot. We also learned that the hard way…


Best place for a late-night bite? Hermitage Café

Long before greasy spoons were a thing, there was Hermitage Cafe. This old-school diner, only open from 10 PM to 1:30, caters to night owls, drunken revelers who need something to soak up the alcohol, and everyone in between. But it’s not just the regulars that are a fan of the delicious diner fare. The countless signed headshots of country music legends that line the wall prove that this place is a Nashville institution.  


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