A Beginners Guide: How to Get the Cut You Really Want with Rudy's stylist and educator Jen Oato Bennett Illustration of Rudy's and Bumble and Bumble Products

Product 101: A Beginner's Guide to Style

Most of the hair advice you read here comes from our resident stylist and educator, Jen Bennett. She’s been with us for almost eight years and has been making much of Seattle look good for a lot longer. Since we trust her more than almost anyone with our hair, we’re letting her take the reins, well, keyboard.

Using product doesn't make you high maintenance.
—Henry David Thoreau... we think

For many, the thought of using product is a major turn-off—I get it. As a stylist, I am minimalist when it comes to product use myself. However, we often want our hair to do things that it just won’t do without product. Obviously, chopping off a few inches will take care of brittle ends, but a dry scalp or flyaways are issues that only product can solve.

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I have fine, flat hair and I need all of the volume I can get. I use Clay Spray at my roots when I blow dry, and on greasy, second-day hair I use dry shampoo. Everyone has something they’d like to change, so my goal is always to determine my client’s hair priorities. Here are a few common product tips I recommend to clients.

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Pomade will always be the go-to product for a short style and classic clipper cuts, especially when you’re looking for control on top. The key here is to find the right finish and hold for you. Matte is perfect for casual, everyday styling. Shine will add polish to your look. Clay gives you the structure and hold to tame stubborn hair.

Illustration of person with medium length hair scrunching product into it


Creams and texture sprays are great for medium-length cuts. For a sleek bob, styling with smoothing cream before using heat is ideal for control. If heat styling isn’t for you, embrace your natural texture with a curl primer or a sea salt spray. Just scrunch and go!

Illustration of product spraying


The longer your length, the more moisture your strands need. Keep your locks hydrated with a leave-in conditioner. If your roots are weighed down by your long length, try a root boosting spray for volume like Bb.Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray.

Cheat Sheet

Do you hate freshly washed, poofy hair?
Invisible Cream will banish flyaways with fast-absorbing hydration.

Does your cowlick stick up like Alfalfa?
Matte Pomade will control that with understated style.

Do you hate how your hair flops onto your forehead?
You better blow dry with Perfect Cream to give your bangs life.

Are your ends dry?
Soak up the moisture of a leave-in conditioner like Davines Oi All in One Milk.

Does your scalp get itchy?
Use Bb.Scalp Detox once a week and Tonic Spray daily to clean and nourish your head.


Over time, I help my client perfect their style. We work together to tweak little things about their cut until it’s just right. The same goes for product. Don’t hesitate to ask your stylist if they have any tips about the product you’re using. If the product isn’t working for you, you can always return it and we’ll help find you the right one.

Still have questions about product? Shoot us an email to info@rudysbarbershop.com and we'll get you set up with the right stuff.
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