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Meet Matte


Rudy’s Matte is THE Goldilocks product.

It's just right for almost anyone. Whether you're wanting polish at the office or something a bit more wild at night, our versatile matte pomade adapts and then some. Get pliable hold that doesn't feel sticky and won't flake or leave a residue on your hands.


This is Matt... showing us how to use Matte.


It's what's inside that counts

Creamier than a tall glass of milk, Matte is formulated with beeswax to smooth hair and seal in moisture. Carnauba wax makes our pomade incredibly pliable, so you can easily adjust your style from day to night with a single tousle. To finish it off, we’ve added Rudy’s signature scent complete with bright notes of citrus, cedar, and juniper.


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