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How to Style with Perfect Cream

Demetre uses Perfect Cream for a touchable, polished coif
  • Massage in a quarter-size amount on damp hair
  • Using a comb or your hands, sort your locks into place
  • To smooth out poofy areas: Blow dry, directing air down around the ears and back of head
  • To add volume: Blow dry, directing air up at the top of your head
Brynn uses Perfect Cream for a Bouncy Blowout
  • On wet hair, massage in a dime-size amount of cream from mid-strands to ends.
  • For extra-thick locks, add a dime size to several sections throughout your whole head.
  • Using your brush of choice proceed with your blowout
  • Bonus: Add extra curl with a hot iron - the Perfect Cream will retain a beautiful curl pattern, keeping the hair extra bouncy but smooth

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