Two Short Cuts You Need This Fall

The return of fall doesn’t mean you have to leave your cropped summer cut behind with your swimsuit and Tevas. But, like your wardrobe, your hair should change to fit the weather outside. By asking your stylist to make a few subtle changes to your usual short cut, you can create a noticeably different style for the new season. Here's what to ask for for the next time you're in.


Proportions are the key to achieving this lived-in, longer cut that's pixie in the front and pageboy in the back. Keep the length of your bangs, neckline, and edges balanced so small details can pop.

Image of Hunter's pixie

Rather than opting for a tight, tapered neckline, keep the back around your ears and neckline full. Ask your stylist to use a razor to remove weight so you sacrifice bulk, but not length. Those added inches will give you the chance to style your locks into a feminine sideburn or create a soft, wispy neckline.

You can draw added focus to your eyes and bone structure with a delicate bang. Accent them by styling with our soft Shine Pomade to create texture and separation by pinching the hair between your fingertips.

Image of Hunter's pixie


It’s getting cooler outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to cover up. Instead, elevate your typical tapered cut by showing some skin and going for a daring bald fade.

Image of Brandon's fade

You’ll want to opt for a classic, square shape that’s balanced. Tell your stylist to leave a strong corner (they'll know what this means) to add structure and support to this sharp look. If you've previously had a disconnect or a part line shaved in, you’ll need to grow out a bit of length to make the adjustment, but you only need a couple of inches to play with.

Make sure to ask for a fade line at the widest part of your head to keep the cut symmetrical. For a baby smooth feel, make sure your stylist finishes with a straight razor around the edges.

Image of Brandon's fade
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