How to Get Volume, Texture, and Beach Waves with Clay Spray

Styling sprays can seem tricky if you’ve never used one before. In the shop, your stylist makes things look easy with a few pumps and some quick slight of hand. But when you get home, you’re struggling not to mace yourself in the face.

There's no need to be intimidated though. If you know what you're doing, sprays are often easier to use than creams or pomades. To get an effortless look every time, follow these simple steps from our stylists.

  • Spray 2-3 pumps in your hands, then rub your palms together until they're evenly coated
  • For short hair: tilt your head forward to let your strands move around
  • For long hair: tilt your head back to loosen up your locks from the scalp
  • Massage the product into your roots using your fingertips until your hands no longer feel damp
Don’t forget to shake! our unique blend of kaolin clay and salt settles, so always give the bottle a quick shake before you spritz.
For PNW Beach Waves
  • Lift small sections of hair at the crown or around your part, then spray Clay Spray thoroughly at your roots
  • Add 3-4 pumps throughout the middle of your hair or wherever you want waves
  • Starting at your root, use a curling iron, flat iron, or wand to set a loose curl 
  • Spray 2-3 pumps in your hands, then scrunch through your waves to break them up
For Surf Texture
  • Lift and hold large sections of hair (about 4-5 inches wide) half way down your strands
  • Aiming at the middle of the section, spray a few pumps about 6 inches away
  • Repeat this process 3-4 times in any area you want enhanced texture
  • Add a few pumps to the top layer of hair to finish the look
For Volume + Lift
  • Lift and hold small sections of hair (about 2 inches wide) around the crown or near your part
  • Aiming at the roots, spray a few pumps about 4 inches away from the section you're holding
  • Repeat through any areas you want volume and lift
  • Massage the product into hair with your fingertips
  • Use a blow dryer to push hair up and off the scalp, allowing the heat to activate the Clay Spray for added volume

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