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The Three Holiday Party Looks You Need
(And can actually pull off)

There’s a lot of pressure when you show up to a holiday party. Do you go with an ugly sweater or sparkly top? Do you drink in moderation or really go for it? Are your friends ready for your epic dance moves? To save you one decision, we’ve compiled a few looks to make getting ready a little bit easier this year.

Matt's Lived-In Stubble

Best for those who want to focus on partying instead of fixing their ‘do.

How to get it:
  • Opt for a slight bit of contouring by keeping the top of your buzz at least two blades longer than the bottom edges. (For example, a #3 on top and a #1.5 on the sides.)
  • If you have a strong jawline and aim to do zero home maintenance on neck hair, try a faded beard line. Instead of a hard line under your jawline, ask your stylist to fade the edge between your beard and your neck. (For example, if you beard is a #2, ask for the beard line to be faded down to a #1.)
  • When your ‘do is down to stubble, a dry scalp can kill your vibe. Remember to always keep your scalp and skin hydrated with Rudy’s Tonic

Haley's "IDGAF" Look

A simple half-up/pull-back style for those with medium to long hair who hop from one party to another without time to refresh their look.

How to get it:
  • Sweep the hair from your temples to the back of your head.
  • Secure with two bobby pins in an ‘X’ shape.
  • Add a hair clip for added pop.
  • If curling your hair is not your style, bring out the natural texture by scrunching in Clay Spray.
  • Smooth flyaways and add moisture to your ends with Invisible Cream.

Laura's Polished Pony

A sleek and put-together (but not fun-sucking) up-do for those with long hair who don't want it getting in the way of their dance moves.

How to get it:
  • This look needs to start with a fierce part. (Try a middle part for an oval face shape and a deep side part for an angular or round face.)
  • Using a brush, smooth all of the hair into a low-ponytail at the base of your neck and secure with a hair tie.
  • Curl your ends with a large barrel curling iron to add body to your ponytail.
  • Take a small section of hair, wrap it tightly around the hair tie. Secure the ends between the base of your ponytail and your scalp with a bobby pin.
  • Add a small about of Shine Pomade around your part and hairline for added pop and to smooth flyaways.
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