7 Of Our Friends Share
the Gifts They Love to Give

Are you stumped when it comes to finding items that’s as thoughtful as it is original? Rudy’s has you covered. We asked our stylish peers and fellow tastemakers to share their go-to gifts when they’re looking to impress during the holidays. This season, take a cue from our friends and give something that truly delights.



Prince - 1979 self-titled album on vinyl

"This album will get your Saturday night dinner party so lit your guests will be asking for seconds on the dance floor.” ($35, amazon.com)

Eddie Obrand, Director



Google Home Mini

"The best thing you can give for the holidays is a gift that keeps on giving. For this, I'll go for something like a Google Home Mini, a device that you can use and reuse in multiple new ways. Use it to replenish your grooming closet. Google search how to say hello in Korean. Talk to it when you're lonely. It's there as your interim BFF when your real BFF is too busy for you.” ($29, google.com)

David Yi, Founder and Editor and Chief of Very Good Light



Tom of Finland x Costo Baru Brown Leather Cap

“All the hats are designed in Finland, sewn across the water by nice old ladies in their workshop in Tallinn, Estonia. Costo is a great company that uses waste material cut off from the making of uniforms and other mass produced items. In fact some of the hats are lined with leftover Tom of Finland bedding material from Finlayson’s Tom of Finland line.” ($125, tomofinlandstore.com)

Terry Miller, Spokesman for Tom of Finland



Rudy’s 1-2-3 Bundle

“The 1-2-3 bundle is the perfect gift to give for the holidays not only because it makes you feel fresh and ready for the day, it also allows you to give the same feeling to a young LGBTQ person who is experiencing homelessness. For every bundle sold, Rudy's donates a weeks worth of shower supplies to a youth center that works with LGBTQ youth who are homeless. I can't think of a better way to give back and show LGBTQ+ young people that you are on their side and that there is hope!” ($60, rudysbarbershop.com)

—Brett Peters, Director of Media & Strategic Partnerships at the It Gets Better Project



Heyday 50 Minute Facial

“Facials are something that people don't often take the time out to do for themselves except once in awhile or on vacation. They're not only relaxing, but around the holidays and winter, can be super helpful in keeping skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing in the drier months.” ($95, thinkheyday.com)

—Michael Pollack, Heyday Cofounder



Richer Poorer Men’s Long Sleeve Crew Tee

"You wouldn’t think to buy someone a basic white tee, but it's something they will actually use and love. It's super soft and slouchy, so it feels like you have had it forever.” ($45, richer-poorer.com)

Vivianne Lapointe, Editor-In-Chief of Live Fast



MoviePass Membership

"This is the perfect gift to give to anyone who enjoys going to the movies. It’s a membership that allows you to go to almost any theater, unlimited times a month. You can choose 3 months, 6 months, or a year! I would be stoked if I received something like this." ($30-120, moviepass.com)

Becky Hearn, Creative Producer


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