Rudy's × Dallas Clayton:
A Coming Out Day Collaboration

Update from Rudy's on our Dallas Clayton tote bag collaboration:

10/23/2017: Recently, allegations made against artist Dallas Clayton were brought to our attention. Upon learning of these, Rudy's made the decision to immediately end our collaboration with Clayton and discontinue sales of the Coming Out Day tote bag he helped create.

Proceeds from prior sales of the bag will still be donated to the It Gets Better Project, and Rudy's has decided to make an additional donation to RAINN.

We are a company that advocates to make our communities safer and empowers individuals to continue to do so. 



For the past 29 years, the LGBTQ+ community has joined together each October 11th to celebrate the power of coming out. And for 25 of those years, Rudy’s has stood as an out and proud ally, championing the cause of identity and helping all people – straight, gay, bi, trans, and queer – express themselves through hair.

Our commitment to the LGBTQ community has been core to our mission since we first opened our doors in ’93, long before barbershops were "hip" and equality issues were being pushed forward. From the pride flags that hang in the windows to our compassionate stylists, our shops have always been a place where people from all walks of life can feel safe and included.



While the progress that’s been made over the last 29 years has been tremendous, coming out is still a time filled with fear and uncertainty. That’s why the support and resources that our long-time partners at the It Gets Better Project provide during this often-difficult time is more important than ever.
This National Coming Out Day, Rudy’s has partnered with our friend and renowned artist Dallas Clayton to create a limited-edition tote bag set that benefits the It Gets Better Project. Dallas’ philosophy of spreading love and connecting to our emotional selves through the shared language of art pairs perfectly with the hope and acceptance It Gets Better brings to the next generation.



With every purchase of this custom Baggu tote, sticker, and Think About Someone You Love booklet (total cost: $21), Rudy’s is donating $5 to the It Gets Better Project to support their mission. Our collective hope is to inspire everybody to celebrate what makes them unique and this special moment in their life.


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