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Dad Vibes: Behind The Scenes With
Artist and Father Will Bryant

Getting to tell painfully corny jokes, wearing socks with sandals, and coaching little league; sometimes it seems like dads have all the fun. But why should you have to raise a child to live the dad life?

In honor of Father's Day, we created a line of enamel pins that allows everyone to channel their inner Danny Tanner. With five unique designs, this exclusive collaboration between Rudy's, artist Will Bryant, and Valley Cruise Press has something for the father in everyone.

Comb: Comb Here Often?

HAT: My Other Hat is a Comb Over

Cup: #1 Dilf

Comb On Over Baby

Father in the street, Daddy in the sheet

When he's not designing dope dad pins or painting murals for our shops in Portland and Huntington Beach, Will Bryant likes to doodle. Like...a lot. We decided to have him put pin to paper and answer some of our most burning questions about art, life, and his dream hairstyle.

Will Bryant answers on a piece of paper


Will painting a mural at Mississippi shop in Portland
Will painting a mural at our Mississippi shop in Portland. Photo by Jordan Reid. 


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