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Introducing Clay Spray: How Rudy's Does Beach Hair

For years, our stylists have cocktailed clay pomade with sea salt spray to give clients a perfect blend of volume, texture, and hold that takes surf style to another level. And for just as long, clients have asked how they can easily recreate that effortless, lived-in look themselves.

Finally, there’s a way with Rudy’s Clay Spray. Over a year of research and development has gone into creating our very first styling spray that marries the best of the elements together to give you the beach hair you crave.

Good hair no matter how you use it

By creating the first sea salt clay spray, we’ve made achieving fullness and body easier than ever, all with the added hold of clay. Just like a plunge in the sea, a few pumps will enhance the natural texture and personality of your hair. Clay Spray gives hair amazing structure and moldability, making it the perfect complement to your favorite pomade or styling product.

The best of the elements in a bottle

We’ve bottled up kaolin clay, a key ingredient in many face masks, to bring the unique benefits of this mineral to your hair and scalp. Rich in silica, kaolin clay removes dead skin through gentle exfoliation, cleansing the scalp and encouraging circulation in the process. Quinoa protein keeps hair nourished and conditioned while tapioca starch aids in fighting oily scalps and saving you in between washes.

Styling has never been easier

Whether you’re blow drying it in for extra volume or working a few pumps into your strands on the go for more texture, there’s no wrong way to use Clay Spray. Here’s how to get a few of our favorite looks.

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