Buzzwords: Who is Rudy?

Welcome to Buzzwords, a series focused on making sense of the mystifying world of hair, grooming, and Rudy’s. For our first installation, we decided to finally tackle the question we get the most.


Without fail,

there are a few questions you’ll hear in our shops everyday: Can you take a few inches off the sides? Do you take walk-ins? Is there a bathroom I can use? and of course, Who’s Rudy? The answer to those are usually, yes, yes, yes, and we killed him years ago and took over his business.

We’re mostly kidding about that last one. Unlike a lot of businesses, the moniker on our door wasn’t inspired by any specific individual or founder. Though many might think Rudy’s traces its roots to a neighborhood barber who was known for giving sick fades, the origin is more punk-rock and the finer details of it are disputed over pints of Rainer.




As our founders tell it,

they were about to open the first shop in Capitol Hill and still hadn’t decided on what they’d call the place. That’s when a local graffiti crew, who was in the middle of creating art for the space, spray painted the name Rudy’s in the middle of their mural in bold black paint. When asked why, they shrugged and said they had a soft spot for the orange-hat-wearing Fat Albert character, Rudy Davis, and his completely unbothered attitude. 

At the end of the day, Rudy’s isn’t about a person, a place, or a haircut. Not to sound like philosophical assholes, but when you see our name, use our products, or get a haircut, you should feel as bold as the guys who named our company did when they tagged that wall 25 years ago. Because when it comes down to it, the true spirit of Rudy’s is leaving your mark and being yourself, no matter how fucking weird that may be.


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