A Quick Guide To Rudy’s Color

No two heads are the same —Please  schedule a consultation with a Rudy's colorist to get a personalized recommendation and quote. Minimum prices Are for short, Fine hair. Length and density will factor into the overall Price of your service. 
All Over Color/Fashion Color

One color applied to the whole head, most commonly used when going darker or for grey coverage. A fashion color is a vivid color applied over previously bleached hair.

Minimum price: $95

Average price: $120

Root Retouch

One color applied to the scalp and 1 ½ inches or less of roots, used when maintaining a previous all over color.

Minimum price: $75

Average price: $95

Partial Foil Balayage

Highlights or low lights applied to the top, sides, and crown of the head. Foils are used to create exact color placement that extends from roots to ends. Balayage is used when a gradient of color is desired. Toner is included in the price.

Minimum price: $100

Average price: $120

Full Foil/Balayage

Highlights or low lights applied to the whole head. Foils are used to create exact color placement that extends from roots to ends. Balayage is used when a gradient of color is desired. Toner is included in the price.

Minimum price: $135

Average price: $160

Bleach + Tone

Bleach applied to lighten the whole head entirely. Then toner is used to enhance or cancel the remaining warmth. If previous color exists, see corrective color.

Minimum price: $105

Average price: $150

Gray Blending

Gray blending is used to balance the contrast of gray hair rather than cover it completely.

Minimum price: $45

Average price: $65


A stand-alone treatment that can be utilized in between your usual color service to add shine and adjust the warmth or coolness of your strands.

Minimum price: $45

Average price: $65

Corrective Color

A strategy using multiple processes when previous color exists and change is desired.

Minimum price: $90/hour

Average price: $335


For protecting damaged hair.

Add-on to color service: $20

Treatment added to haircut: $35

Stand-alone treatment: $45

Still not sure what service is right for you?
We’ve got you covered with our FAQ.

Why do I need a consultation?

To determine what color service will create your desired result, your colorist needs to examine the condition of your hair and discuss the time and money you’re willing to invest.

If you are unsure of what you need or if you are wanting a dramatic change, ask for extra time to talk with your colorist. In some cases, they might suggest that you come in ahead of your service for a consultation.

What should I expect during a color consultation?

Your colorist will work with you to develop a long-term plan to achieve your goal, but ultimately, they’ll determine what is realistic and achievable during that appointment. To help guide the conversation, it’s helpful to bring pictures of what you like or even what you don’t.

To ensure the best results, they’ll ask about your hair color history. Since previous treatments can affect the coloring process, it’s necessary to be completely transparent, even if you think a previous color has faded or grown out.

Your colorist will review your current hair care routine and suggest any additional products, so you don’t wash your new look down the drain. They will also ask how often you plan to come in for maintenance and how often you expect to change your color.

If previous color exists on your hair, your colorist might want to do a strand test during your consultation to determine the best plan of action.

What is a corrective color and why would I need it?

Though the name might suggest otherwise, corrective color doesn’t involve fixing a coloring mistake. Rather, it’s a strategy your colorist will devise to help you make a drastic change between light and dark color or warm and cool tones.

Corrective colors often involve more than one process, so you should expect that it may take multiple services—and in some cases several months—to achieve your desired change. Since it may require combining multiple application techniques, we charge for corrective color by the hour.

What is the difference between foils and balayage?

Foils provide precise color placement that extends from the root to the end of the strand. This creates high contrast and variation of color in the hair with many highs and lows. The grow out of a foil is like an all over color, so we suggest a touch up every 8 weeks.

Balayage is a hand-painting technique used to apply highlights that enhance where the sun would naturally lighten the hair. The finished look is a gradient of darker, natural color at the roots to lighter on the ends. We suggest this for someone who needs to go 3 or 4 months between color services, since the grow out is subtler.

What is a toner?

A toner is used after a bleaching service to enhance or cancel remaining warmth on the strands. We include the price of a toner in all our bleaching services.

What is the difference between gray coverage and gray blending?

If you don’t want a single gray hair on your head, then gray coverage is for you. We use permanent color applied to the entire head to mask all greys. Since this color doesn’t fade, we recommend a root retouch every 4-6 week.

Gray blending achieves sheer coverage and fades over time. It’s like adding a little more pepper into your salt and pepper look, by utilizing the gray hairs as highlights to lessen the contrast. This is a quicker application process than grey coverage.

What is Wellaplex?

Wellaplex is a bond builder that strengthens hair. The additive can be mixed into your color or bleaching service to prevent further damage. We have options to add on a treatment to your haircut or to book a treatment as a stand-alone service. No matter what Wellaplex service you’re opting for, plan on purchasing the take-home treatment (which retails for $22) to get the full benefit of the bond builder.

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