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A Quick And Easy Guide
To Undo Winter Hair Damage

New Year's has come and gone and the romance of Valentine's Day has passed. That means there are no holidays left to mask just how SH*tty freezing temps, snow, and ice can be to your spirit and your hair. Luckily, spring is around the corner, but you don't have to wait till then to repair the damage winter has wrought. Here are a few simple fixes from Rudy's resident stylist and educator, Jen Bennett, for maintaining healthy, moisturized hair during the coldest months.

Problem #1: Scratchy, Dry Scalp

Before Christmas decorations even hit shelves, clients ask how they can combat the annoying itching and flakes brought on by seasonal dry scalp. The issue almost always starts in the shower. When people turn up the water temperature to combat the cold, they end up stripping precious moisture from the scalp. Wearing a beanie or a hat only makes the problem worse, suffocating your head and decreasing circulation.

The Cure

The first step to banishing dry scalp starts with picking up a hair brush or a comb. No, you don’t need to do a hundred strokes a day, but the more you brush the more quenched hair will become as you drive oil from your roots to your strands.

Changing up your wash cycle goes a long way to keeping that itch at bay too. By swapping your shampoo for R+Co's Acid Wash Cleansing Rinse you can still achieve that clean feeling without stripping your scalp of natural oil thanks to the key ingredient, apple cider vinegar. 


Problem #2: Frizzy And F*cked Ends

When the temperature barely cracks double digits and there’s a constant chance of precipitation, it’s hard to resist the urge to throw on a hat and skip a few haircuts. But regular trims, along with proper hydration, is key to keeping your hair from turning into frizzy, wispy ‘80s mall hair.

The Cure

You don’t have to commit to a full chop to get rid of split ends. If you are trying to maintain your length, trim your ends a ½ inch every 4-6 weeks. If you are growing your hair out, visit the shop to get a ¼- ½ inch dusting every 8-12 weeks.

If you're heat styling on a regular basis, make sure you're using a moisture-heavy cream to overload your parched strands. R+Co's High Dive is a good option for those with coarse texture while Waterfall is best for fine hair. For extra care, ask to add a Moisturizing Treatment to any service next time you're in the shop to repair damage on a deeper level and reduce frizz.


Problem #3: Snow Damage

In a rush to defrost the car and make it to work on time, most people forgo properly drying their hair. But leaving the house in winter with wet hair puts you at risk for more than just catching a cold. Excess moisture mixed with frigid temps and tension on the hair—usually from a hat or scarf—can result in serious breakage. Avid skiers and snowboarders are at even bigger risk due to the extreme conditions on the mountain. The build-up of precipitation on strands, mixed with tension from helmets and goggles, can make the problem worse.

The Cure

If you have enough length, try braiding your hair and use a softer hair tie before leaving the house or getting on the lift. When you’re enjoying an après ski at the chalet after hitting the slopes, consider using a detangling spray, like R+Co's Pinstripe, to help you sort through small knots or tangles.

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