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It's our anniversary, and we'll party if we want to.

25 years ago, we opened our doors in Seattle driven by a simple idea: create a place where all of our friends would want to hang out. Though the decades have passed quickly and a lot has changed, we’re still the same Rudy’s. For a quarter of a century we’ve been more than just a barbershop, and that’s worth celebrating.


To commemorate the milestone, we decided to throw a party giving people a true taste of what it’s like to step inside one of our shops. So, we invited a few of our favorite stylists, artists, musicians, dogs, and friends to one of our first shops and made a video so we could expense all the beer.

The Cast + Crew

Our Director

Meet our director, Hank Zakroff. Just like us, he's in the business of making people look good. In addition to helping us capture our 25th anniversary celebration, he's made videos for Apple, Vans, Tinder, and others. That guy on the left works at Rudy’s. He's cool too...I guess.

Our Stylists

If these faces look familiar, it's probably for good reason. We enlisted some of our most seasoned stylists and educators to make sure everyone was looking fresh.

Our Creative Friends

Whether it's coming in for a cut or collaborating on a special project, Rudy's has always attracted a creative set. For our 25th anniversary, we called in a few favors so we could showcase our talented friends including artist Kyler Martz, the band Unlikely Friends, and entertainers like Lady Krishna and Stacey Starstruck.

Our homies

When we say we keep it real, we mean it. Though many of them may look like models— and some actually are—the folks you see in our campaign are our actual friends. We've known some since college, others we met at local coffee shops, and one even tried to upstage the production with her own birthday celebration.


Rudy’s is grateful to have served the communities we live in for 25 years, and it’s all possible because of the support you've provided. Stay tuned all month long for more exciting 25th anniversary announcements, releases, and special moments.

A Community You Can Count On

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