3 Styles To Start Rocking in 2018
(And 3 To Leave in 2017)

As the calendar turns over, countless people resolve to overhaul their look. But, you don't need to buy an expensive gym membership or cut carbs to make that happen. If you want to make a resolution you can actually keep, consider starting the new year off with a fresh cut.

Jen Bennett, a stylist and educator at Rudy's, is serving up recommendations for three looks that will make a big impression in 2018 and three worth leaving in 2017. Ready to make a change? She's got you covered with tips to make these styles work for you.

What's in
Classic Crew Cuts:

It’s time to let go of your hopes of ever rocking a man bun and carve some style out of that shag with a classic clipper cut. But, we’re not talking about skin fades and disconnects. Try a longer length clipper cut with lots of volume on top, or a tight scissor cut that shows off some texture on the sides. These clean, classic cuts are making a comeback.

Feminine Buzzcuts:

In Seattle and Portland, we see major influences of gender non-conforming styles, and this is a personal favorite. From Mia Farrow to Michelle Williams, we're all familiar with the famous pixie, but in 2018 it’s time to get bolder and go even shorter. If a full buzz feels like too much commitment, start with a short pixie and cropped bangs. Stylist Roxanne Ranel from our Division shop in Portland made the plunge to this adorable buzzcut after a few pixie stops.

Blunt, chin-length bobs:

The long bob has had it’s time in the spotlight, and while it won’t be fully left behind in 2017, a blunt chin bob is what will start turning heads. This length is perfect for those with a narrow or angular face shape. Make sure to ask your stylist what length is the best fit for you. If chin length isn’t as flattering, try going a bit lower or higher, either to the top of the shoulder or to the bottom of the ear. Stylist CJ Romero at our Silver Lake shop crafted this perfectly cropped bob.

What's out


While these once dramatic cuts make styling easy, even Macklemore has moved on. If you're ready to make the change, let your disconnect grow out and tell your stylist to blend over your part line. You might have to lose some length on top to fully connect the sides again, but it makes for a softer look and will give you far more options for change in the future.

Man buns:

There are so many stylish ways for men to rock long locks, and sadly, a man bun isn't one. Instead, opt for a shaggy style with intentional texture rather than preserving every inch. When you sit down in the chair, let your stylist know you're good with chopping a few inches off to make sure your ends are healthy and full. Ask for a square shape on top to add a bit of layering in the hair without skewing too femme.


It used to be that you couldn't open Instagram without seeing a high-contrast ombre, but now the snap worthy style is balayage. If your ends are drastically different from the top, tell your stylist to blend in the color towards your roots. You can still play with bright colors or pastels, but try them in panels throughout your head rather than just at the ends.

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