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Kent Gentleman's Folding Pocket Comb
Kent Gentleman's Folding Pocket Comb
  • Kent
    Gentleman's Folding Pocket Comb

    This handmade tortoise shell folding comb has fine teeth and folds down to easily fit in your pocket.

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  • A little extra


    Glides smoothly through air and prevents split ends. Each tooth is hand-cut, profiled, beveled, and hand-polished to ensure perfect hair penetration without scratching the scalp.

  • It's not Rocket Science

    how to use

    A unique feature is that the inside edge of each tooth is left with the rough saw-cut impression which cleans the hair of dust and encourages the release of natural hair oils.

Over 200 Years of Craftsmanship
Established in 1777, Kent's dedication to product quality has been handed down from generation to generation.

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